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Tango-Red Stole from Kashmir

Layering could change the whole state of mind of a troupe. Pick this stole for a down to earth yet beauteous bit of layering. An incomparably ravishing red for the establishment shading makes this the ideal expansion to one's trousseau or an announcement expansion to one's closet. The style and sensousness of a Kashmiri woolen is undeniable. An announcement making base shading, high-exactness weaving that is additionally endemic to the valley (ari, for this situation), and an atmosphere of the lofty about the minute you put it on. From the monotone tufts along the edges to the common shading palette utilized for the weaving, everything about this stole is overwhelmingly lovely and coquettish.

Ari Hand-Embroidered Flowers

It is formed from the unadulterated homegrown fleeces, and is a fine case of the exceedingly pined for Kashmiri handiwork. Indications of the last could be gathered by focusing in on the lush, lavishly shaded ari weaving that commands the closer view. Group this with your choicest Indian suit or saree, ideally an impartial hued one that is low on the weaving, so as to draw out the best of this number. Such a stole would serve to keep you warm yet stylish looking when the celebrations run a touch late into the night.

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